The full line up for Good Vibes Festival 2016 has finally been announced! And we can’t control our excitement! So hurry and get your tickets because we hear it’s selling fast!

Two Door Cinema Club
The 1975
The Temper Trap
Mark Ronson (DJ set)
Purity Ring

Disclosure (DJ set)
Angus and Julia Stone
Alina Baraz
Tokyo Police Club
Ryan Hemsworth

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The festival is happening on August 2016 12 & 13  at The Ranch at Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands in Malaysia! Tickets are available at or

“Heemi Lheemey” and Front Lawn Wrestling?

When you invite the Red Hot Chili Peppers into your car, you already prepare for a level of raw energy the band is known to have on and off stage. James Corden of The Late Late Show gives us a 15 minute sample of what it’s like to hang out with the band as he drives them around Los Angeles for the show’s episode of ‘Carpool Kareoke.’  

Everything starts of fairly relaxed, with the band fully clothed and jamming to their critical hits like ‘Under the Bridge,’ ‘Give It Away’ and ‘Can’t Stop’ (that been treated to an impromptu medley of the 1960’s musical Oliver!),  but things start turning for the wild when James Corden coaxes the band to debut one of their earliest tracks.

Entitled “Heemi Lheemy,’ according to Flea, the band’s bassist, they had written the song when they were in their teens while camping at the Serra Nevada mountains and smoking large quantities of marijuana. A riot of a track with rolling melody made up of gibberish, Heemi Lheemy will leaving you pleasantly bewildered about what you just heard and wondering the same as James “[if] that was all they smoked?”

When asked about how the band early memories, Anthony Kiedus, the bands frontman talks about how Flea and him weren’t always friends at the start. Referring to the scuffle the two had before they became friends at Fairfax High. A story that got James to say “I love a good man wrestle!”  developed into a match between James and Anthony on a hapless strangers front lawn.

There’s really too much to unbundle from this awesome episode featuring our Top Of The Class artist for June, so go check out this video:

Want more RHCP? Check out their latest album Get Away out NOW.

We had Ang Bandang Shirley on Whiskey Wednesday, last June 8. They defeated the guys of All Good Radio on Versus, translated a verse and talked about the inspiration behind their current single ‘Umaapaw’, spilled some details about the next album, and some funny stories we decided not to include in this write up.

AGR: You have been busy with the release of “Umaapaw”.  The video was fantastic. The response to the song has been super tremendous. We’ve been receiving a lot of requests to have your song played. What is so special about the song that it sounds so good? What did you guys do differently on this track?

ABS: We fell in love.

AGR:  Woohoo! They fell in love!

BOTH: *laughing*

ABS:   No, i didn’t think something happened. I mean, it was just, you know, it just came out, i guess. It’s just an evolution of what we’ve and how we’ve been playing the last few years. We’ve been together ten years na.

AGR: Ten years already?

ABS:  With the exception of Enzo. Enzo’s our new bassist, joined us last year, but this main group, has been together over ten years and this is what has come out of it.

AGR: We’ve heard stories of how the song was produced, of how it was recorded and mixed at two different studios. Can you tell us more about that?

ABS: Well, we actually recorded it in 3 studios.

AGR:  Oh, three studios!

ABS:  We recorded the drums and the vocals in Wombworks, the guitars, bass, in Eelectric studio and we mixed it, the song was mixed by Eric Perlas of Tower of Doom / Cog.

AGR: What went into the writing of the song? Or, was it just really just another song that you guys knocked-out that just happened to be in the vain of what everybody wanted to hear right now?

ABS: Ean knocks out the hits. He’s the one who did “Nakauwi Na”. He’s the songwriter behind this song.

Ean (ABS): I had this melody for quite a while. I didn’t have lyrics to it for about a year until I, you know, experienced crush at first sight.

AGR: Ooooooh!

ABS: On some local celebrity.

AGR: May we know who it is?

* ABS reacts *

ABS: Really? Why not, Ean?

AGR: Maybe later?

ABS:  Kasal na siya e.

AGR:  Ah. Okay lang! Crush lang naman e. So, we know who inspired “Umaapaw”!

Ean (ABS): Yeah, it was inspired by, pero yung, i mean the first part, i wanted to write a song about feelings and how i felt when i first saw her. Well, of course the song’s about intense love and i don’t have that for this particular celebrity crush.

AGR: Okay, we get it. We get it. But, who was it?

ABS: Yeah!!

AGR: He’s shy!

Both *laughs*

Ean (ABS) : Si ano, si…… Chynna Ortaleza…


ABS:  Cipriano! *laughs* tama ba?

Ean (ABS): I don’t know if he really acquired his last name.

Both : *laughs*

AGR :  Do we sense bitterness?!


Ean (ABS): Nakita namin kasi siya sa UP fair. Nandun siya sa backstage. And then she approached me and she said she liked one of our songs, “Di Na Babalik”.

ABS:  Ahhh. I didn’t know that.

AGR: So, you were like flexing a little bit?


“You know, i wrote that in five minutes! Yup! Yup! That was us!”

*Enzo enters*

AGR: Oh, Enzo joins us! Yay!

ABS:  Enzo! Hi, Enzo! Kathy’s here also.

AGR: Sup, Kathy?

Kathy (ABS): Sup?

AGR: We promised our listeners that when we came back with the band, they would sing a translated verse of “Umaapaw” on the spot – because we were not doing it justice when we tried translating it a couple of episodes ago. Who’s going to be the singing?

Selena (ABS): Ean and i will.

AGR:  Oh, nice, nice, nice. What are we hearing?

ABS: The last part.  1, 2, 3…

AGR: “Umaapaw” translated in English.

[Listen to the clip at the end]


Caller: I have a question, with regards to the Nakauwi Na music video, I saw it on Youtube last year, last month, with regards to its meaning diba tumatakbo yung lalaki don, yung dulo kasi pumunta silang dagat e, is there an explanation?

ABS: It’s open to your own interpretation. Mas gusto naming s’ya na ganon. Sarie Cruz directed the video and then she told me na ‘yun nga open-ended talaga yung video so any meaning that they want to put on the video, it’s alright.


Kathy (ABS): Meron kaming intro dun sa i-ve-versus namin na song namin. Bale yung music video kasi ng Umaapaw, inspired siya by Kung Mangarap Ka’t Magising. So, isa sa mga cast don ‘yung APO Hiking Society, so etong next naming song inspired by that narinig namin recently so parang ang ganda n’yang kanta so nakakakilig talaga siya.  

*Plays APO Hiking Society – Pag-ibig*

Caller:  Who is Shirley and why is the band named after her? I am just a new fan ever since i listened to Umaapaw, Di Na Babalik.

ABS: That’s a great question, coz the answer is actually related to our next song. Shirley is not a person it’s actually a song, by the Eraserheads. Ang Bandang Shirley the song, not Shirley the person so yes that’s who we are. And our next song is Kamasupra by the Eraserheads.

*Plays Eraserheads – Kamasupra*

Caller: How much did their music evolve from Driver Sweet Lover to Umaapaw?

ABS: The music evolved ‘coz we all grew up and listened to complicated things. When you grow up you complicate things.

AGR: Why do people keep on calling the song driver sweet lover is it called tsuper duper?

ABS: It’s actually got a really long title. It’s inspired by.. there’s an article in the UP, The Collegian, ang pag-ibig alinsunod sa presyo ng labada or something like that i forgot the title, and then  i borrowed the gist of it, it’s the Ang pag-ibig alinsunod sa karanasan ng isang jeepney driver.

AGR: and that’s the full title of that song?

ABS: Kasi there was a time when I was listening to Sufjan Stevens and all his titles were like seven words long so i was tryin’ like get one and…

AGR : Well thank god you didn’t insist on the long title otherwise we’ll never play that song or at least say the title.

ABS : Tsuper duper may shorthand, radio edit feats


AGR: What’s keeping you busy now?

ABS: Recording our third album.

AGR:  Is there a working title for this album?

ABS:  Yes. It’s called Favorite.

AGR: Favorite?

ABS: Yes!

AGR: Your third album is going to be called Favorite.

ABS: It will be your favorite album. Parang subliminal.

AGR:  It’s not really subliminal, if it’s like, in your face.

ABS : It’s like we’re forcing it on you.

AGR : More of a suggestion.

ABS :  It’s your consensual favorites. Parang kunwari, your most favorite album of 2016 is Favorite.

AGR: So when would this be out?

ABS : As soon as possible.

AGR:  You mentioned 2016. So we’re expecting that this year?

ABS: Matatapos na siya!






Ang Bandang Shirley tracks :

  • APO Hiking Society – Pag-Ibig
  • Eraserheads – Kamasupra
  • Spice Girls – 2 Become 1


All Good Radio tracks :

  • Orange and Lemons – Yakap Sa Dilim
  • Joel Ansett – Already In Love
  • Camera Obscura – This is Love (Feels Alright)



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