#EBxIW: Pariwara

The first collab between Ely Buendia and Itchyworms is ready to conquer the airwaves! Hear “Pariwara" first and exclusive on JAM on August 1, 7:00 AM and be prepared to get major LSS!  

JUSTICE LEAGUE and WONDER WOMAN: Aims to be a threat for Marvel Franchise

After the breath taking release of the DC Entertainment’s new superhero ensemble movie Justice League last Saturday at the Comic-Con 2016, San Diego, fans hope to put an end of their downfall misery of the DC Comics franchise after seeing Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice early this year. It is time for DC

JAM IN THE BOX: Jason Bourne

Join Matt Damon as he returns to the big screen once more with his iconic role --  Jason Bourne. Paul Greengrass, the former director of The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum joins Matt Damon once again with this latest film from the Bourne franchise. This action-packed film will leave you at the edge of your seats as

My Chemical Romance Hints at a Reunion Three Years After Breakup

The internet broke yesterday morning when band My Chemical Romance hinted at what seems to be a reunion. Fans and musicians went insane over the band’s updated profile picture on their Facebook and Twitter. They also shared a 30-second video story with the opening keys from their iconic track “Welcome to the Black Parade. Towards

POMP : Your Holy Guide to Music and Style

This week on POMP offers up a mixed bag really.  From flashbacks to eerie instagrams and hot rocking scenes. Let’s check what’s on our holy roster. B-Side with Assembly Generals looks like it was having a good old wild time.  A regram from @chanomnl ‘s (check that out as well) recent post shows