Music Festivals are making their way to every corner of the world and almost every month, our calendar (subsequently our wallets) are preoccupied with the latest international acts clumped together and thrown on to the Asian stage. But with so much to think about, from ticket purchases, acts, what to wear and how to keep safe, the last thing you want is to be unprepared.  So here it is our “First 5  things You Need to Know to Survive Your Next Music Fest.”

1. Ticket Tricks

For the most part, the rule of thumb is “the earlier you buy, the cheaper the ticket,” the more money you’ll have on hand when you head to the event.  They usually start the sale as early as 6 month before the concert and give you about 2 months to get the tickets on discount. But that’s if you’re in the know. What if you can’t plan ahead or simply don’t want to, the cheapest way, aside from winning it fair and square over shots of tequila (true story), is to wait out for some ticket fallouts. Often at events like these, some people don’t get to use their tickets and like the bottom feeder you are, you can wait for these tickets to go up on sale. These can come out cheaper. Sometimes as low as half the price. Feel free to call out over social media for those who know someone who can sell them to you. Good luck! You are going to need.

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2. Review the Re-entry (Policy)
Some events won’t let you go in and out of the grounds. For cases like these, more than ever you need to come prepared. From budget, to your clothing, to your portable charger and everything else, find out if an event has a No Re-Entry Policy.

3. Baseline Budget

ATM the ATM. The first thing you need to do is to checkout if there is an ATM inside or near the fairgrounds. You can already reserach this way in advance. Some events don’t even have an ATM available, which is a nightmare if you’re unprepared. Good thing we caught you.
Food and drinks are more expensive at these events, but more on that later. For now let’s hunt for some merch, $20 on average for a shirt, and vinyls usually sell at about the same rate at a store. Upside is you could get a signed copy. Building your budget, make sure you’ve checked out who the concessionaires are, it’ll also pump up your taste buds.

4.Grab A Bite

The food game in music festivals are getting better. Hipster food stalls abound (you’ll notice them as those stalls that use the ‘crossed X’  for their logo.). Now, getting an average cost per meal really depends on what kind of event you’re going to and where. One way to find out is to inquire online through their site.  Plus gauge how often you think you’ll be eating, and depending on the weather, how often you need to be drinking as well. Once every hour is ideal (I know porta potties are gross but you’ll be worse off if you get dehydrated, pass out and miss Temper Trap… or maybe)
Alcoholic beverages are served at some events, but keep in mind that you will be spending 8-12 hours out and about so drink moderately and don’t be the idiot who’s wasted his ticket on drinks. Also don’t drink from somebody else’s bottle even if they seem real nice, it is not only gross also not the safe. Best way to decline is to say “I’ve already had some.”

5.Wearer beware

Most often people would advise  you to wear comfy clothes and lightweight material especially if you’re going to be under the sun for awhile.  And although this is true for the most part you have got to remember you’re going to a music, festival, it’s going to be fun, you’re going to have a wild time, so you might as well dressed up for it.  So yeah maybe they’re right, ditch the high heels, choose the easy sneakers over the high cut boots, just remember, people in these events are ready to have fun and a bit crazy. Also clothing is a great conversation starter, so you know what go with the animal onesies. Just be ready to lug it around when it gets to hot (and wear something under it just in case security asks you to take it off.)


BONUS: Have fun or don’t.
What happens to you at a music festival is mostly up to you (unless some horrific calamity strikes) and generally these event are as fun as you make them out to be. Expect to have lag time between sets, get ready to roam around and meet people. It’s all up to you. Best to check in your negativity at the door and bring all your good vibes as you enjoy the music, the atmosphere and the crazy people you’ll get to meet.