Budgeting can’t buy you the nicest, coolest, and even most delicious things …or can it? Feeling hopeless on a tight budget is understandable, especially when it feels like a million days ‘til payday. But fret not, you can still have fun (and a full stomach) even with 50php in that sad wallet of yours!

1. Get Crafty! Unleash your inner art-beast

The best I can do is make a paper airplane. Is this still considered Ahrt?

2. Engage in a prank war with anything you can find in the office

Don’t forget to take it down a notch and make sure not to hurt anybody!

3. Hitting the budget slump making you hungry AF? Ask a friend to treat you to dinner (and hope for the best).

Expectation: “Sure! I got you. #Gainz”

Reality: “Ano ka, hilo? I’m broke too.”

4. If they won’t budge, #DiskartehanMo.

Balita ko masarap daw yung bagong rice meal ng KFC eh. Too bad we’re missing out.”

5. Now that you’ve convinced them, dial 887-8888 and order KFC’s all new Teriyaki Flavor Shots for ONLY 50php! Now that’s rock ‘n roll.

You won’t regret it, ako na ang nagsasabi sayo.

6. Take a spoonful of KFC’s famous fun shots drizzled in sweet and savory Teriyaki sauce!

Its deliciousness got your taste buds shookt to the core ‘no?

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