It is a period of hiatus. Rebel spaceships of the UNDERDOGS, striking from a hidden base of Saguijo, have won a shocking victory against the rightful reign of the Adulting Empire.

The Empire’s ultimate gig-preventing force was put on hold due to an unforeseen design flaw. But at this point, young Jedi, you probably know we’re just being witty and reciting our own New Hope opening scroll. But young Jedis we are super effin’ serious on throwing the best Halloween bash this side of the Galaxy. So you better get your X-wings and Wookies ‘cause we’re gonna form a pit inside Chalmun’s Cantina!

Join us in the spirit of A NEW HOPE as WAT UP continues their MIX series in an appropriately STAR WARS themed gig/costume party. Happening in October 27, 2017 at Saguijo Bar + Events, we invite all citizens of the Galactic Empire as we bring the joys of Chalmun’s Cantina right here in the shores of Philippines. We may not be having Figrin D’an in the line up, but these fresh acts are so explosive— they’ll bring the Empire to its knees!

Our musical acts Rob & The Hitmen, Where’s Ramona?, LaLuna, Out of Order
Shutter LIFE, Createurs, and Tonight We Sleep will rock Saguijo and turn it into our shore’s very own Cantina. Prizes will be given away as well to the best group/individual with a perfect STAR WARS costume!

Search your feelings, you know it to be true… that you want to come and party the night away with us Underdogs. We know that was from Empire Strikes Back, but we have to convince you anyways! We better see you there or you’re with the Dark Side! And nobody wants to be an Anakin now, don’t we?

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