If we survive this year and make it to the next, at least a new My Bloody Valentine album will be waiting on the other side.

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Just when you thought you were over them, here they are, about to drop a new album for the first time in 5 years. In case you forgot, My Bloody Valentine are the original purveyors of shoegaze music; the OG shoegazers from the eighties, the wild-Irish/English band with an enigmatic frontman.

You see, It took them 22 years after the release of their 3rd album ‘Loveless’ until they finally got to spoon-feed their fans with their latest record mbv. Thankfully it won’t take them 2 decades to release another one so, there’s that.

News surfaced around September, which mentioned that the band was busy gearing up to release new music next year. None of this was confirmed until Pitchfork released a written interview with the frontman on November 1. When asked if the band would release a new album next year, Shields replied. “Oh, we one hundred percent will.” The band started recording some time last year, and apparently, the record was supposedly an EP. “Basically, the record started off as an EP, and I realized it has to be, like, a mini-album, because it’s going to be at least 40 minutes long. So it’s going to be an album, but I don’t really know how many tracks it’s going to be. It’ll probably be seven or eight, by the looks of it.

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