Are we human, or are we too damn excited for The Killers‘ fifth studio album?

The band decided to end July by unveiling the tracklist of their upcoming album ‘Wonderful Wonderful‘ which will be out on the 22nd of September! Produced by Jacknife Lee, the 10-track album includes three deluxe edition bonus tracks.

‘The Man’ was premiered on June 28 as the lead single of the forthcoming album. Behind the funky, bass-driven track is a 36-year old Brandon Flowers talking to a younger, cockier version of himself; it’s a parody of his insecurities when he first started with the Killers. This is the kind of song you’d want to play in the background as you strut your way to the office errday. It’s danceable, it’s refreshing and it sounds like Daft Punk crossed with David Bowie. We’re smelling a solid return to the dance rock vibe.

The Killers also debuted the album’s second single ‘Run for Cover‘ at a show in Atlantic City back in June. It had that distinct, classic Killers sound that we’re all familiar with! As soon as the song opened with a guitar riff, we were certain it was going to be good.

B-Flo and Co are hinting us with a heavier, newer sound and we’re dying to hear the WHOLE thing! Why isn’t it September yet?

The holy quartet are currently on MASSIVE tour around UK, Ireland and the United States. Okay, we love you guys but how about Asia though?

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