#OnTheRadar | The best new music from the farthest corners of the internet, harvested fresh daily, for only the most discerning ears. The true audiophile’s tool for staying on top of your playlist game.

Monday Movie Mayhem | Think you know movies? Test your silver screen knowledge by correctly guessing random lines from famous movies! Do you have what it takes to take home the the tix?

Tequila Thursday | Drinking and driving has never been safer. Sit back, relax, and leave the drinking to the professionals, all the while spinning crazy new perspectives on current events and popular culture. Oh, and sometimes rock stars and celebrities drop by to drink too. It’s your barkada’s weekly inuman, on the air.

Tuesday Covers | It’s a twist on your favorite tracks, shamelessly mixing up the familiar with the new and exciting. Tuesday Covers features the treasured tributes to taking two by indie artists and label giants alike.

Ten Top Tracks | All Good Radio’s Ten Top Tracks is the only barometer of the best indie-alternative music this side of fm. Don’t accept any imitations.

Wingman Wednesdays | Want to impress your date? Look like a big shot in front of your boss? Get out of hot water with your lady? All Good Radio’s got your back. Text the guys and they’ll talk you up so much you’ll come out of it smelling like a unicorn fart. It’s the VIP treatment on a CHEAP budget.

All Request Thursdays | The ultimate weapon against LSS and the most satisfying way to scratch that musical itch. All Request Thursday puts YOU in the DJ seat, giving you an all access pass to the entire comprehensive All Good Radio Music Library. Go nuts, because the guys already are. Pop Culture – Making the news interesting by not understanding the news since 2015.

DOPE SCOPE | Find out which bands are performing around the metro and other gigs you gotta check out

Lambert Cruz

Lambert Cruz hosts the prime time radio show dubbed as All Good Radio. He listens to new music daily, not because it’s for work, but because he just really enjoys it. Lambert is a rebel at heart but hides it to seem mature, albeit breaking all loose when he’s drunk. You’d spot him randomly chugging a can of beer at bars while checking out gigs, on the beach, or on the field playing while playing flag football.

Jobim Javier

Comic book geek. Misanthrope. Procrastinator. Audiophile. Hommunculus.