After conquering Westeros, Khal Drogo from the series Game of Thrones is now up and ready to claim the iron throne of the Seven Seas as well!

Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics’ King of the seas is getting his own solo feature for the 2018’s Aquaman.

The movie follows Arthur Curry described as “the reluctant ruler of the underwater, Kingdom of Atlantis caught in a battle between surface dwellers and his own people”. Aquaman is half-Atlantean and half-human. He’s a superhero who is capable of manipulating the ocean, has super strength, and has the ability to communicate with sea creatures.

Aquaman is forced to go back to his loyalties with his role in the world of the Undersea Kingdom of Atlantis, which has become increasingly hostile to the humans who are polluting the ocean.

After a five-month shoot, the filming on Aquaman officially ended on October 21, 2017.

The movie trailer was first debuted during the studios’ Comic-Con panel in July. 

The highly anticipated film isn’t even out yet, but its trailer already received a lot of positive feedback and reactions from DC fans! They can’t event put their excitement into words!

Getting stoked already? Aquaman will hit the theaters on December 21, 2018.