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Last July 15 Chicosci’s Bassist Eco Del Rio proposed to Autotelic’s vocals and keyboardist Kai Honasan and surprised everyone! The ‘dream proposal’ happened at Move Forward Production’s 2nd Anniversary gig at B-Side Makati. A video taken by Urbandub’s Gabby Alipe was posted on Kai’s Facebook.

Honasan was certainly thrilled to share the big news online, thanking everyone involved in Del Rio’s surprise. From their band friends to the relatives of the couple who showed up, “All the Del Rio cousins who made it plus my brothers and sisters!!! Biggest surprise! Plus our entire families who knew about this way before I did” she wrote.

“Still a little woozy and letting it sink in. I’m usually better at writing Facebook essays but I just keep watching this over and over again and getting distracted sorry. Lastly, thanks Eco for wife-ing me up. Can’t wait to be Mrs. Del Rio! I love you so much!”

The following day, Kai posted a photo of her ring and their dog. Saying, “HE WIFED ME! (Not the dog, the father of the dog) #WelcometotheDelRioGrande.”

HE WIFED ME! 💍 (Not the dog, the father of the dog 💙) #WelcometotheDelRioGrande

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