Sounds fun.

We all know Brendon Urie likes to go live on Instagram to either roll blunts, or sing Drake songs until he passes out, and for some reason, we’re all enjoying it.

A few days ago, however, the charming lad went on Instagram (like he always does) to talk to his fans and answer some of their questions as well. As per usual, he was playing a bunch of Drake songs and ended up talking about how he would love to start dropping songs randomly just like Drake.

Drake’s got a good plan, and I think I want to start doing this. Yeah, I have an album, but I also have way more songs apart from the album,” Urie said during the livestream. “He just put out two songs randomly. I want to do that. Would you guys like that if I just start throwing a couple songs out here or there?” he asks. “I want them to see the light of day, and there’s just so many,” Urie says. “I don’t like doing albums that are more than 10 or 11 songs. It’s not my vibe… I’m going to do that. It just sounds fun.

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