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Carousel Casualties just dropped a broadway version of Leona, a track from their 2017 EP Madison. Compared to its previous version, the reprise of Leona has more emotion and colour to it, making it a (very) sentimental experience.

Here’s even better news: the quartet’s debut full-length effort is currently in the works! In an interview with Bandwagon—the band’s frontman, Emmie Villegas, shared some bits and pieces from the upcoming record. “The album is set to have 13 tracks. It’s going to be released in 2019. We already have the songs currently laid out,” Emmie told Bandwagon. “It’s just a matter of nitpicking and rearranging particular parts of particular songs. Some of the songs are still in the final phase of songwriting but we’ll get there soon enough.

Listen to Carousel Casualties' Leona