Our favorite geek rock band ‘Ciudad’ is back at it again with a new song!

Ciudad is formed in 1994, when they began as a simple school project that later on turned into a fan favorite. The quartet successfully wrote enough (and quality) material and started gigging and playing at the most iconic gig venues of the city. In the long run, the “nerd pop band“, as the music-lovers would say these days, gained a considerable amount of following with their fresh and catchy tunes: a combination of schoolboy rock, slacker pop, and a hint of punk.

The band was able to put out five albums over the years, and are now known to be one of the most loveable bands in the country!

With their signature sound, poignant melodies, and fuzzy vibes, Ciudad has finally released a new single entitled Get You Closer—a fine mixture between 70s & 80s yacht sensibilities.

Listen to 'Get You Closer' on Spotify:

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