Ditto Music has gone worldwide, and they’re finally here!

The UK-born online music record label service and digital distribution company, Ditto Music,  just opened new operations in 12 countries, including Sweden, South Africa, Chile, Canada, India, Argentina, Spain, South Korea, and finally, the Philippines—in addition to their eight existing offices. They even launched a multilingual website!

Ditto expanded their operations in Los Angeles on March 2017, to add to their operations in the UK, Australia, and Europe.

Artists are moving away from major label deals and towards independence because companies like Ditto give them more attention, better terms and more revenue,” said Lee Parsons, Ditto Music CEO & Founder. “I’m excited how the huge milestones happening at Ditto right now will benefit musicians worldwide.

With Ditto Music, you can register and sell your music, and even start a record label or a small business! Check out their website to find out more.

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