Franco’s latest record ‘Flight‘ has been released today! It has 10 tracks including the singles Mondaze, Best I Ever, Breaking For The Weekend, and the latest, which premiered on All Good Radio last night, All Nighter. We’re totally digging the new single by the way.

1  Afterburn 4:10
2 Last Word 4:57
3 All Nighter 4:51
4 Mondaze 4:43
5 Lost In Your Universe 4:22
6 Best I Ever 5:06
7 Aurora Sunrise 4:52
8 Rebirth 4:19
9 Breaking For The Weekend 4:49
10 Goodbye, Goodnight 5:10

Catch them perform live at Johnny B Good, Makati (formerly Hard Rock Cafe) on Feb 14.

You can purchase it on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify.

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