Wouldn’t it be cool if background music was always playing in real life like it always does in the movies? A mixture of experimental, post-rock and shoegaze are the main ingredients of Hide Nothing’s music. We swear it’s inevitable not to picture your life in a montage while giving them a good ol’ listen.

Since they got other stuff to deal with, the 3-year-old band coming all the way from Rizal is comprised of interchanging members, according to Willy Abued (guitarist). “May nagiging iba lang din kasi na priorities. Pero session padin. Tuwing nagi-gigs kami, since wala kaming official bassist, solo ‘yung mga gig. So may backing track lang, tapos ako lang.” That doesn’t stop them from making pretty interesting music though!

If you haven’t listened to them yet, it’s time to prick up your ears for Hide Nothing’s ‘Sunset’!

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