Apart from the fuzzy pair of socks my grandma got me, this is the best Christmas gift ever.

P!ATD has definitely got a thing for Christmas bops. I mean seriously, they already had us with their classic cover of “White Christmas,” but here they are, delivering yet another surprise festive tune entitled “Feels Like Christmas.”

It’s only been 17 hours, but the song is already trending at No. 11 on YouTube with a total of 72,000+ likes!

Urie sings about the joyous wonders of playing around like children on Christmas day, and decking the halls. Santa better shower this guy with a sleigh-load of presents, because we just got ourselves a festive elf with a heart of gold!

Brendon Urie got a wee bit cheesy in a Twitter thread and goes:

So to end this year right, here’s a little holiday jam I wrote. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it,” the frontman writes.

It’s no lie that 2017 has obviously been P!ATD‘s year of incredible music releases and tours. And we’ve never been so proud!

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