I’m sure a majority of us discovered these two bedroom pop artists at the same time; probably through YouTube’s recommended videos, or on Spotify discover. We also can’t deny that both Clairo & Cuco’s music have a similar vibe, and we’ve always wondered if it was possible for them to release a track together and how it would turn out.

A couple of months ago, Clairo released an accompanying music video for one of her biggest hits, Flaming Hot Cheetos. Right when the music video was about to come to a close, a wild Cuco suddenly appeared, chilling with the dreampop artist in a trendy-looking diner. That’s when we found out that they’re actually friends irl.

We can finally die in peace—because they finally teamed up on a track together!

They also shared a behind-the-scenes video showcasing the song-making action, and a the two throwing a couple of jokes at each other during the process. The video is a part of the Yours Truly and adidas originals’ ongoing Songs From Scratch series.

Is it acceptable to call them Cluco from now on? Yeah? No?

Listen to the Cuco x Clairo track