August 5th of 2018 marks the 24th year…and death of the Vans Warped Tour—several generations of pure punk rock and alt, all washed down the drain.

Warped Tour founder and producer Kevin Lyman took to twitter to bid farewell. “It’s the last @VansWarpedTour day of the summer, and I will always say you can never let your guard down until the last truck is loaded and everyone is home safe. [The] catering truck caught on fire last night! Awesome crew is pulling something together though.”

Of course, the news didn’t catch us off guard, as Lyman already announced it in November 2017 in an interview with Billboard. “We were doing fine, but we had a pretty big dip last year,“Lyman told Billboard. “It was that younger end of the demo. It was an interesting tour — the bands didn’t feel the dip because the fans that were there were super engaged… Everyone’s lining up at 11 o’clock and they don’t want to miss a band. So that [younger] demo changed, but then I talked to people after the tour and bands did great on merchandise, they had great crowds — everyone had good crowds in front of the stage. But that casual fan that’s learning how to go to a music festival — they were not there last summer,

Look, as someone who’s from the Philippines, I do admit that I’ve never—not even once—ever been to The Warped Tour. Hell, I’ve never even set foot in America. But the thing is, I’ve been seeing photos & videos taken by the audience for years now and they made it seem like I was right there with them, enjoying punk & alternative rock under the sun.

Ah. An end of an era.

Bands and artists took to Twitter to share their words on the festival’s last day.

Alex Gaskarth, sorry to burst your bubble man, but it's done.

You will be missed, Warped Tour.

Neck Deep tweeted an entire thread re: the final Warped Tour.