Guess what? KFC just launched another awesome treat for us chicken lovers.

Imagine this: KFC’s crispy Hot Shots drenched in garlic yogurt sauce with a drizzle of hot sauce on top of flavorful chicken rice, sided with diced tomatoes and cucumbers just dancing in your mouth! Damn, the KFC Shawarma Rice Bowl (P119) sounds like one helluva rollercoaster ride.


Not only is it tangy and a little bit spicy, the flavors are so intense, it’ll make your head burst! The vibrant colors brought by the variant fresh ingredients just makes you want to dive in and take a bite (after bite, after bite)!


The all new KFC Shawarma Rice Bowl is SO freaking good, All Good Radio’s Jobim and Lambert can’t get enough of it! Get yours now and see for yourself. Call 887-8888 or visit

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