If a mad scientist and a poet teamed up to maybe create a harmless, visionary mutant of some sort, I’m a 100% confident it would result to King Krule.

Photo: Alexandra Waespi

Archy Marshall has pretty much gone through a lot of aliases before landing on King Krule; namely Zoo Kid, Marshall, DJ JD Sports, Edgar the Beatmaker, et al. We all know his mind is a wild world, but no one has a clue what this guy is up to next. What could his forthcoming moniker be? Let’s just hope it stays as cool as Krule…or The Wizard of OOZ. Okay maybe not that one.

This wondrous dude right here burrows deep through his music—a chromatic collection of moods that make for an immersive listen—to amass the best sounding, violent voiced, psychotropic creations. The London based singer-songwriter’s musical craft gallops about freely across the airwaves, Youtube, Spotify, and anywhere close to your eardrums. He’s basically a man with a giant mellifluous paintbrush.

King Krule’s new album “THE OOZ” is far from cheesy. If anything, this 19-track record made me feel the loneliest I’ve ever felt in ages. Not that it’s a bad thing, but you have to be in a certain mood, or feel a certain emotion before you even think about listening to it. Y’know, kinda like that feeling when you watch the minute hand sprint and you’re not even halfway done with your exams, or that moment when you take a long deep breath before entering a zombie-infested horror house.

Photo: Dazed

THE OOZ is a compact version of his storytelling world, whilst the same iconic King Krule trope is still present.

Each track has its own surprising bits: from soothing metronome-like percussions, rich horns, wild guitar riffs, gentle-to-screaming vocals—everything may seem sparse and unclear, but it will stay with you, it will stick with you, and King Krule is now, definitely, within you.

This album could be possibly be an escape for others, a venti double shot of melancholy in a to-go cup holder, a sick day off of work companion, a pat in the back, a slap in the face, an inspiration, a friend, a postcard on a wall, or just something you’ve never really heard of before.

Sit down and listen.

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