First of all, Hang The DJ was a great episode, and second, no wonder the ambient music beneath it sounded familiar!

Photo: Nick Pickles

Netflix sci-fi series Black Mirror‘s 4th season just came out not long ago, and people are still flipping over how crazy the new episodes were, especially Hang The DJ, which was pretty much just the San Junipero of season 4.

If you sensed some sort of striking familiarity whilst feasting your eyes on Hang The DJ—as if an old friend came by to visit—well, that’s because Icelandic avant-rock outfit from Reykjavík Sigur Rós recorded two breathtaking pieces–“End” and “Match”–and was helmed by frequent collaborator Alex Somers.

Both tracks are rich with emotions and powerful, rousing streaks of percussion and vocals.

Stream the pieces below:

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