Picture yourself cruising across the city streets illuminated by red, green and warm yellow lights on a hazy night, as the sound of your car is muffling in everyone’s ear canals. You have your radio on loud, and youngsleepyboi‘s Carb‘ from his debut beat tape ‘THC‘ is playing in the background. Not your type of scenario? Alright, let’s try again.

It’s a wonderful day, the sun is shining, but not too intense for your skin to melt off into a puddle of flesh. You have an ice cold beer on one hand, a bag of potato chips on the other. Your eyes are fixated onto your laptop’s screen whilst your favorite anime show (shoutout to all the full-on and closet weebs out there) is slowly consuming your brain. A few minutes after finishing the entire series, you are left in a state of crisis. That being said, you lend an ear to youngsleepyboi’s ‘Summer Song‘ or the entirety of his future funk EP ‘Nights With You‘, leaving you with that nostalgic Japanese hangover for the rest of the day.

youngsleepyboiis the brainchild of Moe Cabral—an internet bystander, a dangerous memelord who memeifies everything in sight, and a member of collectives namely NOFACE records and Pixel Collective. Oh and in case you were wondering, yes—it is mandatory to write his moniker in full width text as it helps add further elements to his character (and for the sake of aesthetics, I presume). From trippy vaporwave tracks that encumbered every depth of Soundcloud to a soothing heap of lo-fi beats, this dude right here takes advantage of every sound his auditory nerve picks up and turns them into something.

Watch youngsleepyboiperform his breakthrough track ‘Summer Song’ inspired by an original Mamoru Hosada film ‘Summer Wars’ live on Locals Only!

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