APRIL 5, 2017

Not only is Chocolate Grass our first guest for Locals Only; their soulful music lured our emotions into an abyss of pure earthly vibes and awesomely stringed words that were brought to life by the vocalist, Abs Haw. The neo-soul band released their latest album ‘Magic Hour’ 2 years ago that made us fall in love tune after tune after tune.

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The band members have been working on some solo projects, which explains why they’ve disappeared off the radar. But worry not! As a whole, Chocolate Grass has a bunch of new unreleased songs that could hopefully result to a new album or EP before the year ends. On top of that, they see themselves to be more active this summer—maybe live broadcast some of their tunes, make events, play their music by the pool and invite some friends over to jam with. 

Sway your heads with conviction to Roots by Chocolate Grass!

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