Move aside, a new act is in the local scene and ready to break the mold! Under Terno Recordings, AOUI is an up-and-coming post-rock band with a twist. Their groovy ‘dance-trumental’ arrangements are sure to send good vibes into the air as they venture out on creating awesome groovy music to outshine the norms of the human ear.

The quartet is definitely not a stranger to us despite being new to the scene! The members have joined forces from different renowned bands to form AOUI: Sho Hikino is UDD’s live sound engineer and a guitarist for Salamin, Glenn Calingasan plays the bass for Maude, Franco Malaya plays the drums for Giniling Festival and Paolo Malaya plays the guitar for AOUI!

In case you missed it, here’s a video of AOUI performing ‘Yorumachi’ on Locals Only Live!

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