Many pleasant surprises come from the most unexpected of places. It could be a simple smile from a coworker who you thought hated you, or a delectable meal from a dingy diner in that sketchy part of town.

For Lunar Landings, it’s a jazz and blues band formed by musicians from a wide plethora of backgrounds, ranging from progressive metal to reggae.

This “amalgamation of very very different minds” is comprised of Pam Celeridad on vocals, Vinci Castelo on guitars, Karlo del Puerto on bass, Paoi Sevilla on synth and keys, Peter Panelo on drums, with Christopher Yodong adding the final touch on alto saxophone. They released their EP ‘FOUR‘ last May, and they’ve been on a roll ever since.

So without further ado, get ready to lift off into zero-gravity while Lunar Landings perform ‘Right Kind of Wrong’ live on Locals Only!

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