Being surrounded by masses of people seems a bit too stressful for our liking sometimes. To this extent, we stay indoors to avoid thriving in crowds. We all tend to be complete homebodies even when we’re too ashamed to admit it. So kick back, relax, and let yourself be buried in the safety of your blankets while Max Javelino’s voice comforts you to sleep.

On May 24, the singer and songwriter released her first EP titled ‘‘Backyard‘ that cultivates the feeling of being home and gives off an effortless sense of familiarity and security. Max Javelino started writing at the age of 15. She turned her own poems into music, which pushed her towards the scene. “You can go in and just make whatever music you want, but it helps to have a concept. Like, if you close your eyes and visualize what will your music sound like,  you’re designing an environment for your listeners to see as they listen to your music” says Max Javelino.

The soloist’s voice pairs well with coffee, tea, beer, and just a nice cozy afternoon away from the roaring city.

Listen to Max Javelino perform ‘Im Back’ only on Locals Only Live!

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