Many have drawn comparisons between Ruru and Boston’s beloved Clairo. We get that. But honestly, they’re both pretty amazing bedroom artists in their own way, and Ruru is definitely in a league of her own.

Photo: Denice Ruiza P. Quimbo

Jelly fish tanks, a Teletubby on October street, grocery aisles, peppered paprika and a classic mojito in a fishbowl: These were the ingredients chosen to create Ruru, a solo project of Manila-based artist Ru Quimbo.

Ru’s music is fueled by cozy bedroom introspection, twee, and fluffy pillows. Her sound is so easy to love, you can actually feel the lazy-dazy-hazy accumulation of instruments and witty words stringed together, waltzing from one ear to the other—sending out a dreamy vibe that’ll just leave you starstruck after every track. It takes a lot of hard work and mojo to make a whirlwind of unique sounds, so repeat after me: Ruru is not Manila’s Clairo. Ruru is Manila’s Ruru.

Watch Ruru perform her track ‘Numb‘ with the help of her friends Polo, Toby and Gab!

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