Lazy Sunday afternoon post rain introspection gloom’ happened on a Wednesday. It was a familiar feeling but you know it never really happens on that day, only this time it did.

Traffic jams generously scattered all over Ortigas as gray clouds hovered above, and droplets of rain fell to the ground. Nothing new really. We’ve seen it all before but this time, things weren’t as eye roll inducing as it was supposed to feel; the music on the radio felt like vicks vaporrub on your chest while fighting a fever.

Rice Lucido is how you would imagine a diwata would sound like only if diwatas, you know, wrote about human experiences on a personal level. She mentions how she treats her music as her journal, and that calling her first EP Pahina Uno was just the most appropriate choice. Vocally, she has this bright ethereal energy in the music that she makes that just kind of makes things a little more bearable on a tough day. Like a cup of coffee on a rainy afternoon or a hug—all nice to have. And although you’d think she’s that serenade-you-to-sleep type of singer/songwriter, she can totally abruptly take you uphill and reveal a certain power in her voice but she chooses to gently put you down and cradle you.

If you’re free this weekend, catch Rice Lucido @ Commune in Poblacion Makati on Saturday Sept. 9. 2017 for the last leg of her ep launch along with Lui Gonzales, Nestor Los Anes, Tiny Corpuz, and Ourselves the Elves.

Check out her ‘Ulan’ performance with her bandmates Gabe, AI, and Chiko at Locals Only!

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