Imagine a world without jazz, blues and rock ‘n roll. Sounds tragic, right? Admit it or not, these genres will always win a place in our hearts—especially when Rj Pineda (keyboardist of The Brat Pack), X Mercado (vocalist of The Brat Pack) and Joko Reantaso (guitarist and vocalist of Mean Jay) treat us with their head-bobbing music. Yup, three different artists representing two different bands!

The Brat Pack started as an acoustic jazz band and won tons of awards overseas, including first place at the Philippine Blues Competition back in 2013, thus their awesome career started. That’s not all though, they found their way to the finals in 2014 and 2015 too. The award-winning trio Mean Jay, on the other hand, won Sessionistas 3 years ago, PLUS they’re actually the YOUNGEST band to reach the finals in the history of the Philippine Blues Challenge!

Give The Brat Pack and Mean Jay some of your lovin’ as they perform Kaskasero live on Locals Only!

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