Be lured into the world of pure instrumental madness with Sound Architects as we stand smack dab in the middle of an atmospheric wonderland. The band’s craft makes their listeners feel all sorts of emotions with their dynamic non-vocal arrangement and heavily-layered textures; it just goes to show that you can go a long way with just your instruments and undying dedication.

The band was formed when both guitarists Patrick Roxas and Johann Mendoza saw each other at a post-rock concert a few years back. “We didn’t know that we both liked post-rock! Johann said ‘let’s start a post-rock band’ and I was like YEAH SURE, game!” Patrick shared with a cackle. What an awesome way to start a band, huh? Sound Architects launched their new album ‘In Time of Need’ back in June 3. Check it out on Spotify!

Without further ado, listen to Sound Architects perform ‘Icarus’ live on Locals Only!

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