You can make music with anything. By anything, we mean silverware marching across the dining table, damp fingers spinning around the rim of a wine glass, rain boots jumping in a puddle after a mean thunderstorm, strumming the strings of an electric guitar until your fingertips bleed, banging your drum sticks against the cymbals, and making lo-fi beats with your laptop. People often underestimate the amount of creative juices it takes to make magic in front a monitor in the comforts of your bedroom. The up-and-coming electronic underground music scene is filled with hidden gems and we were lucky enough to spot BuwanBuwan Collective’s Similarobjects (Jorge Wieneke V), J Level (Pipoy Gonzalez) and Escuri (Jett Ilagan).

“I don’t really think about how I’m classified when I make the music. Most of the time I let the listeners do that for me, but I focus more on the expressionist side of it,” co-founder of BuwanBuwan, Jorge a.k.a similarobjects clarified. “It’s like, basically expressing how I feel. I’m just trying to express myself in the purest way. So if I feel angry, sad, it really varies depending on my moods … I just really want to make stuff.” It’s finally time for something out of the ordinary, so these bedroom producers are giving us a dose of vitamin E— Electronic. Escuri is one of the few sound magicians that has the ability to sample anything and turn it into actual music. If you don’t believe us, check out his Soundscape Exploration video with PURVEYR, you’ll know what we’re talking about. J Level on the other hand, loves toying around with video games and turning them into awe-inspiring Intelligent Dance Music or IDM. Whoa wait, you can do that? Yep, music is that exciting, interesting and revolutionary.

Kick back, relax, and give it up for J Level, Escuri and Similarobjects live on Locals Only!

J Level performing Serge and Kid’s Wedding:

Escuri peforming his untitled track:

Similarobjects playing Half-Assed Artist:

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