“Psychedelic/Stoner/Acid/Progressive rock are the genres combined here )so something for everyone really) building an array of complex dreamscapes as the band weave their way in an out of your brain.” – A Box Of Dreams

Photo: The Insekt Life Cycle Bandcamp | https://theinsektlifecycle.bandcamp.com/

The Insektlife Cycle might sound like a mouthful—but they’re an earful of sweltering psychedelic force as well, much like a sauna for your ear drums.

Formed in 2013, the Pateros (and partly Cainta and Makati)-based instrumental rock band The Insektlife Cycle is made up of brothers Nel (Gutiars) and Nal Vivo (Drums), Jay Jumawan (Guitars), and Joy Legason (Bass); all members of underground heavy metal bands. The Vivo brothers are a part of Hateure, while Jay and Joy both played for Barabbas. You might not be able to tell right off the bat, because well, it’s not always you get to see a band crossing over from heavy metal to post-instrumental rock.

The project started as a breather sa previous projects namin,” Nel said during their live guesting in Locals Only ‘Yung sa dati kasi, sobrang noisy talaga; so we tried to venture to another genre.”

Insektlife Cycle released their latest album Vivid Dreams Parade in May of 2017 under the UK-based record label Mega Dodo. It’s honestly a huge milestone to be signed by an international record label, and we’re pretty proud of these guys for scoring an awesome opportunity! It all started when they submitted some of their records here and there, including their EP Purple Gaze, released in April 2015, that later on tickcled Mega Dodo’s fancy. Soon enough, they earned tons of reviews abroad, and became a part of a compilation of one label that caters psychedelic music. “It’s a matter of exchanging emails. Sipag lang sa email. Kasi parang walang kukupkop sa music namin dito (Manila), so kailangan namin maghanap ng alternative abroad.” Nal said.

Alright, enough with the jibber jabber. Check out this video of The Insektlife Cycle performing Schizodelia live on Locals Only!

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