These guys are serving us tito realness in the coolest way possible.

Photo by Joey Alvaro

Jot down notes kids, because The Strangeness will take you on a wild journey across the universe of Toto and Iggy Pop inspired bliss.

The Strangeness is comprised of 6 big boyz—with Francis leading the band, Ivan and Jayme on guitars, Erwin on percs, Bijan sporting the bass, and Paolo rockin’ the keys.

**Before we begin, here’s a short disclaimer for the normies: If you think these guys are casually dissing each other on air…Well, they are. But please don’t take it seriously. They’re just super cool goofballs.**

The band started out with just Jayme and Francis making music in the latter’s room. Initially, Jayme was the drummer. “Sabi ko ‘ayoko ng palo mo, next time na nga lang tayo mag banda!’” Francis told Locals Only. Fortunately, they met the other half of the band on Tumblr, a blogging site that was a huge thing way back when. “Nakilala ko sila sa Tumblr, tapos hindi ako fina-followback ni Francis.” Erwin shared. “Salamat internet.” Francis jokingly said. “Shout out sa Tumblr people.” Jayme followed.

Jokes aside, the rest of them actually have a bunch of different personal projects and other music-related stuff going on outside the band as well. Kidstuff is the brainchild of Francis, which has already been a thing way before The Strangeness. Paolo plays for Bubble Economy while Jayme, on the other hand, raps under the moniker Calix. Bijan plays bass for the independent folksinger Ian Penn and a lot of other bands as well.  Lastly, Ivan scores films.

Considering how the members first started, you probably wouldn’t have expected them to evolve into what they are now. Some of them came from very extreme musical backgrounds. From pop to metal, believe me, they’ve been there. “Hinalo-halo lang namin, tapos pinagtagpi-tagpi lang namin,” Jayme explained. “Deconstructive reconstruction,” said Ivan.

Their album named after Emily Carr‘s painting ‘Scorned As Timber, Beloved Of The Sky’ was released last year at Mow’s.

Watch The Strangeness perform 'Liliw' on Locals Only Live

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