Lucy Rose -Laura Lewis Photography

Indie folk singer-songwriter Lucy Rose will return to Manila for her Worldwide Cinema Tour! We’ll get to watch her new documentary Something’s Changing, and hear her band play live, new songs from her recently released 11-track album of the same name. Both were inspired by her tour in South America in 2016.

As we already know, she went to South America, and asked her fans to arrange her gigs in their local pubs where she played for free.

“The tour taught me a lot about myself and who I want to be, both in life and as an artist. It helped me see how people connect with my music and has led me to make the record I’ve always wanted to make.” Lucy shared in an interview with NME.

It’s inspiring to know that she succeeded in finding new perspectives, and learning aspects about herself that helped her evolve personally and artistically; now we also get a chance to see her journey.

Lucy Rose’s Manila Cinema Tour is happening at 19 East on September 16, 2017. Standard ticket price is at 1,700 PHP, and 2,000 PHP at door price. Get your tickets here.

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