It still feels like Christmas!

Photo: Brad Elterman

Back in May 2017, the duo proudly announced the coming of their first album in years and blessed us all with bits and pieces of album. First the title track, then When You Die, and along the same line, Hand It Over.

We know the album is coming out sometime in February, but we need an exact date! Come on you two, Hand It Over (Heh, see what I did there?).

Pathetic puns aside, VanWyngarden and Goldwasser know that we’re hungry for more, and we can’t thank them enough for feeding us teasers we think we deserve. Based on the three singles, I noticed something that could potentially be the overall vibe of the forthcoming record: It’s odd, it’s reminiscent. I mean, MGMT has always been good at producing deliciously psychedelic sounds, but there’s just something about Little Dark Age. It’s darker—somehow leaning towards electro-slash-80s goth with forbidding undertones here and there.

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