One thing’s for sure: we Filipinos absolutely love our ballads, but we also know the difference between a good band and a GREAT band. So one would be so-inclined to bet that Mr. Big’s universal appeal and penchant for ultra melodic, catchy and sonically upbeat tunes still a wide spectrum of fans excited to witness the music live in the flesh.

Which is why PULP Live World productions proudly presents the return of one of the most successful recording artists and live acts in the world, Mr. Big – who will be playing at the KIA Theater this October 12th, and making a lot of its local Filipino fans very, very happy. That’s right – vocalist Eric Martin, guitarist Paul Gilbert, bassist Billy Sheehan and drummer Pat Torpey (alongside touring drummer Matt Starr…) – are set and ready to deliver some of their biggest hits in their fourth visit to our shores, and play a bunch of new material off their latest release Defying Gravity.

Mr. Big Concert Poster

Music this good never gets old, even though we fans do,” stated PULP Head Honcho Vernon Go, when asked why he decided to bring the multi-platinum album selling outfit back for another run. “But any youngster with the ears to hear great music and the heart to sing-along with it would know that this is definitely one of the great rock bands of this – and many previous – generations; Mr. Big has written and performed the most anthemic, heart-galvanizing music ever.”

Of course, Go is talking about worldwide hits such as “To Be With You,” “Just Take My Heart,” and the all-out good-time anthem “Green Tinted Sixties Mind” (all off-of the band’s breakthrough commercial smash record Lean Into It released in 1991…), but die-hard fans know that there’s more than just the commercial hits, as hard rockers like “Addicted To That Rush,” “Colorado Bulldog,” “Lucky This Time,” as well as power ballads like “Nothing But Love,” “Stay Together,” “Take Cover,” “Shine,” and other acoustic ditties like “Ain’t Seen Love Like That,” “Goin’ Where The Wind Blows” and the cover of Cat Stevens’ “Wild World” will be some of the most-anticipated tunes in their upcoming Manila set.

Indeed, there simply are too many favorites to mention, so be sure to have your singing voice ready! This is the BIG event you do not want to miss, so save the date Manila!

Tickets to see PULP Live World Presents: Mr. Big Live in Manila are still available through Ticketnet Online outlets, through their hotline 911.5555 or online through , or simply log-on to if you need more information.

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