Because we care about all you music junkies out there, we’ve handpicked only the freshest, coolest music videos that are worth watching. Go on, enjoy the visual adventure.

1. IV OF SPADES - In My Prison

Despite Unique’s departure, IV of Spades lifted their game all the way up by dropping a brand spankin’ new music video without him—and they absolutely aced it.

In My Prison, aside from its upbeat sound, is accompanied by a (pretty) dark music video, that features Zild lookin’ all loopy while Blaster & Badjao do their own thing (while looking just as loopy).

Since we all know how their fans are, we didn’t really have to dig for days to find a bunch of conspiracy theories & meaning behind the entire MV. We’re not going to spill any of the tea though; drama’s our least favorite thing. Just watch the damn video and figure it out yourself.

2. Frankie Cosmos - Duet

Earlier this year, Frankie Cosmos dropped their latest album ‘Vessel‘, where one of their best tracks “Duet” can be found.  The bittersweet song finally has it’s own accompanying music video directed by Eliza Doyle. The clip features Kline falling head over heels in love with her test dummy during a CPR training session. Soon after, it transforms into an actual (non-responsive) living thing, and they took a trip around NYC. Cool.

3. Marilyn Manson - Cry Little Sister

This is pretty much just like any other Manson video—but just a little more bearable for all the first timers and early comers. It’s all smoke, backlight coloring, and pretty sick ripple-effect filters; it pairs perfectly well with his eerie & haunting sound.

4. Twenty One Pilots - Jumpsuit

Aaaaand the mad duo is back at it again! Twenty One Pilots knocked our socks off with 2 new songs “Nico And The Niners” and “Jumpsuit“—and a stunning video for the latter! The MV earned #1 Trending status on YouTube as quickly as a fox, and 5.2 million plays within the first 24 hours subsequent to its release. If you’re into the idea of Tyler getting chased by a creepy looking dude and his horse, feast your eyes on the video above.

5. Muse - Something Human

Haven’t heard from Muse in awhile? Here’s a treat.

The band is currently working on their follow-up to Drones. Their new single Something Human is a quick tease! “Life on the road can bring out your inner beast, this song and video is about taming that beast, desiring a return to something human,” explains frontman Matt Bellamy. “Plus, Teen Wolf is cool.”

6. Father John Misty - Date Night

Okay, this has to be my favorite on this list!

Father John Misty, being the brilliant guy he is, just released an equally brilliant music video for ‘Date Night‘—another track from his new album God’s Favorite Customer that has a pretty inventive music video accompanying it.

Bright colors and psychedelic animations embrace the entire video; it features levitating ice cream cones, misplaced credit cards, a magic ball saying “this is what we chose for you,” and a cat attached to a plant life support.

But the star of the whole clip is a bunch of monsters—some of which can be seen hugging an almost peculiar looking hand, flying about trippy town with wings attached to their ankles, and developing a forward head posture as they spend forever looking at their phones. Sounds familiar yeah?

Oh yeah, there’s also FJM chilling on a flying grand piano with a martini on one hand. Not much.

7. Calpurnia - Greyhound

Calpurnia’s new music video looks like it was taken with that one phone app that made people flood the interwebs with retro looking photos.

It’s warm and cozy, a bit lo-fi and simple. It’s what the kids are into.

8. The Prodigy - Need Some1

This one has got to be one of my favorites, mostly because it features The Hernandez Brothers (Chiko & Miguel). Feast your eyes on several frames of general depravity, a bottle of what seems to be an Emperador Light, relentless tricycle chases, and a humongous mosh pit. It’s wild, it’s loud, it’s crazy, it’s dizzying, it’s The Prodigy, what more do you expect?

9. I Belong to the Zoo - Sana

This video is pretty self-explanatory. Basta, no to cheating. That’s bad.

10. Gorillaz - Humility (Superorganism Remix)

Last but most certainly not the least, we’ve got Superorganism’s remix of GorillazHumility. We didn’t really need another reason to love Superorganism, but this tie-up is hella good, and Orono wore a frikkin’ Slint shirt in the video.