Because we care about all you music junkies out there, we’ve handpicked only the freshest, coolest music videos that are worth watching. Artists such as Crumb,  Japanese Breakfast, Arcade Fire and a whole bunch of other talented acts exclusively dropped the most creative, experimental and nifty music videos this month! Go on, enjoy the visual adventure.

1. Crumb – Locket

Director: Haoyan of America

You don’t have to do drugs to feel like you’re on drugs. I mean yeah, technically everyone wants a bit of psychedelic action every now and then, and you know what? It’s fine. Because it can happen sans paranoia. All you have to do is kick back and feast your eyes on Crumb’s latest music video for the title track of their EP—Locket. Jazz and rock are two great things; when you mix them together, you’ll feel a tingle of some sort on the outskirts of your brain. A feeling which is equal parts trippy and equal parts outstanding.

The video sees the entirety of Crumb having a good time, racing toy cars, chopping plastic gecko heads for dinner, and walking about Tiny Planet style.

2. Arcade Fire – Money + Love

Director: David Wilson

Arcade Fire’s latest music video is a joint video of the tracks “Put Your Money On Me” and “We Don’t Deserve Love”, hence the video title ‘Money + Love’. These tracks are from their album ‘Everything Now’, released in 2017. The clip features the band alongside Toni Collette, with a theme surrounding their controversial album campaign and forced contract signing.

The concept of a double video really appealed to us, we’d always loved songs being put together as A and B sides… and these songs seemed perfect together. David has been a great collaborator for us since ‘Reflektor’ and we were finally able to work with Toni whom we’d been wanting to work with for some time” Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler said.

3. Queens Of The Stone Age – Head Like A Haunted House

Director: Liam Lynch

Butcher knives, dancing skeletons, a huge ass axe, a weird ass disembodied hand, and an animated avatar of Josh Homme. That’s all I have to say. That’s all you need to know.

4. Panic! At The Disco – Say Amen (Saturday Night)

Director: Daniel “Cloud” Campos

Panic! At The Disco just caught us off guard with a brand spankin’ new release and this Tarantino-like video right here. Hmm, what’s cookin’ Urie?

5. Wolf Alice – Sadboy

Director: ???

Halloween isn’t over for Wolf Alice, it seems!

6. Anderson .Paak – ‘Til It’s Over (Apple HomePod ad)

Director: Spike Jonze

Before anything else, this video is meant to be a HomePod commercial, which, in all honesty, is so weird because this is the only ad that I can’t really get enough of. It features FKA twigs dancing her stress away to Anderson .Paak‘s ‘Til It’s Over” in a quirky little apartment, that soon after expands into a giant tunnel of multi-colored madness.

The clip was directed by Spike Jonze, the same person who directed the Golden Globe Award winning film for best screenplay motion picture, Her.

7. Clairo – Flaming Hot Cheetos

Director: Matthew Dillon Cohen

Clairo’s first ever music video is dedicated to Flaming Hot Cheetos. Literally. You’ll see a bunch of Cheetos mascots dancing around right of t he bat, and Clairo’s sporting a snazzy outfit people are so into nowadays.

The clip also features fellow young artists such as Cuco, Michael Seyer, and Cousin Stizz hanging out in a diner accompanied by typical saturated pink and blue colors and neon lights. Cool.

8. Japanese Breakfast – Boyish

Director: Michelle Zauner

Longing glances, best friends, remaining unnoticed, and a great band providing the soundtrack—these are all the notes needed for the perfect depiction of high school.

9. The fin. – Shedding

Director: Kosai Sekine

The fin. successfully released a video that is aesthetically in line with ‘Shedding’s sound.

10. Courtney Barnett – Need A Little Time

Director: Danny Cohen

I always feel like I’m floating through space whenever I listen Barnett. Now this music video makes it seem as if she’s floating through space with me.

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