Because we care about all you music junkies out there, we’ve handpicked only the freshest, coolest music videos that worth watching. Artists such as OK Go, St. Vincent, Blondie, and a whole bunch of other talented acts exclusively dropped the most creative, experimental and nifty music videos! Go on, enjoy the visual adventure.

1. OK Go – Obsession

Directors: Damian Kulash, Jr. & Yusuke Tanaka

What you are seeing now is called Paper Mapping. “Unlike digital videos, paper falling is a phyicsal phenomenon. We had to consider that the paper at the top fell faster than the paper at the bottom and once simulated, how slick and cool this could be,” Daito Manabe, the mastermind of it all, mentioned at the video’s BTS.

The video was made possible by very serious technologists and programmers, who apparently have all the time, effort, and patience in the world to make a music video like this. No visuals, no projectors, no bullcrap. Just 500+ printers, and a ton of paper. What a waste of trees, you think? Don’t worry. All of the paper have been recycled, and the proceeds were given to Greenpeace, an independent global campaigning organization that acts to change attitudes and behavior, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace.

Now we all know OK Go is crazy serious and creative when it comes to their music videos: It’s all about humor, colors, patterns, a lot of paper and whatnot, and mother Earth.

2. New Found Glory – 20 Years From Now

Director: Paris Visone

Remember New Found Glory? Yeah, me too. The band unveiled their new song 20 Years From Now with a simple, yet nostalgic and heartwarming MV featuring home video footage of the band over the years, including highlights from their monumental anniversary tour, “20 Years of Pop Punk.

“We have learned so many lessons over the 20 years of this band but the underlining meaning of the song is about letting go of worry to feel true freedom. When you reflect on your life you realize how arguments, pride, and the worry of proving yourself never changed or fixed anything. Failure and missteps help refine your character and make you wiser. All you truly need to worry about is waking up each day and to try to be the best version of yourself. We feel very lucky that when we wake up we still get to be in this band. Thank you for that and we hope you enjoy the song.” Guitarist Chad Gilbert shared.

Come to think of it, New Found Glory are one of the few bands that stuck together 20 years later, and that says a lot, because loads of bands have trickled apart like sand (I’m looking at you, Panic! At The Disco) so soon! Kudos to these bad boys for giving their fans all over world what they deserve—awesome music.

3. Anna Burch – Tea-Soaked Letter

Director: Ambar Navarro

I would build a village in Anna Burch’s voice if I could, but unfortunately all I can do right now is listen to it. But thankfully, her new song “Tea-Soaked Letter” finally has a music video! I mean, It’s just Anna Burch making some tea, strumming her guitar, sitting in the bath with her headphones on, and some other things that oddly-enough, pairs well with her voice and words.

Also, can I just say that Burch looks amazing with all the colors in the video? The haze, the pinks, the blues, and all sorts of earthy tones make this MV feel so homey and cozy!

4. Dirty Projectors – Up In Hudson

Director: Daren Rabinovitch

Just like Anna Burch’s video, the Dirty Projectors’ music film is burning with bright, dreamy colors, and… Wait, are those huge prosthetic noses? The film was made in collaboration with the animation studio Encyclopedia Pictura.

Through four very different couples, the arc of a relationship is portrayed in its stages of growth, death, and rebirth,” the studio said in a statement. “To unite our characters as we weave through their stories, we tried to present their vulnerabilities in a surreal way, right on the surface, in their faces.”

5. St. Vincent – Pills

Director: Philippa Price

Everything about St. Vincent’s music videos is visually stimulating. If my eyes had the ability to feel other things aside from the excruciating pain when an eyelash hits my eyeball, it would be moaning by now.

The visualizer for Pills is pretty much a trip simulator—everything is vivid, surreal, and mental. The video sees befuddled ladies moving in a doll-like motion of some sort. The video is a mix between futuristic and vintage bits and pieces, manifesting a weird drug trip that speeds up, slows down, speeds up, and then slows down once again. It might seem like a fun aesthetic ride, but seriously, don’t pop pills, kids!

6. Pale Waves – New Year’s Eve

Director: Stephen Agnew

Don’t be deceived by the title of Pale Waves’ song. It’s not about the joys of New Year’s Eve, and it’s definitely not about fireworks. The video starts off gloomy and rainy, while a well-angled shot of a red illuminated building centers the frame. The gorgeous lead Heater Baron-Gracie walks in with dark, gothic make-up on, and a nice hairdo that screams “Hi guys, I’m here to sing about my New Year’s Eve woes“. Despite the upbeat, glittery, The 1975-esque sound, everything portrays the exact opposite. I mean, honestly, who wants to be alone on New Year’s Eve?

Cheers to a depressing year-ender!

7. Autotelic – Mapa

Director: ???

It’s a Christmas Eve miracle! Local indie-alt band Autotelic unveiled the official music video for ‘Mapa‘ starring the members of ‘Telic, Diego Mapa of Pedicab and brother Jao Mapa! The 90s-esque clip has a nice bop to it, an entertaining choreography, a sitcom vibe and everyone having a good time!

8. New Politics – Color Green

Director: No. 2 Pencil

Now headin’ over to New Politics’ personal music video for ‘Color Green‘, a song off of their latest album ‘Lost In Translation’. The video shows what it’s like through the eyes of someone who is color blind. Greg—Louis’ childhood friend—goes about his daily routine, until he experiences an amazing time of his life; seeing colors in all its beauty and glory. I dare you not to tear up.

9. IV OF SPADES – Where Have You Been, My Disco?

Director: Two Fold Media

These groovy stars revamped their style with new vintage look and a series of neat songs! If you haven’t seen the music video for ‘Where Have You Been, My Disco?‘, then you’re definitely missing out. Don’t let the year pass without giving your eyes the treat they deserve. The visually stimulating video produced by the geniuses behind Two Fold Media has Wes Anderson shaking; it’s sleek, it’s fun, it’s…so hard not to watch.

10. Blondie – Doom or Destiny

Director: Rob Roth

The list isn’t complete without a bleak, political, and hilarious music video from Blondie! And I’m more than glad to end this list with a little somethin’-somethin’ from Debbie Harry and Joan Jett. Staying socially aware and knowing more about what’s going on in this world is the new Punk Rock, alright.

Harry said she wanted the video to comment on “the bizarre state of media and news in the current political ‘idiocracy'” by addressing issues like “environmental collapse, fossil fuels, bee population decline, global warming, sexism, patriarchy, Trump and Russia, feminism, consumerism, the marketing of war and more.”

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