Because we care about all you music junkies out there, we’ve handpicked only the freshest, coolest music videos that are worth watching. Artists such as Sløtface,  Men I Trust, Soccer Mommy and a whole bunch of other talented acts exclusively dropped the most creative, experimental and nifty music videos this month! Go on, enjoy the visual adventure.

1. Sløtface – Nancy Drew

Illustrator and Animator: Ida Neverdahl and Ola Olsen Lysgaard

On September 2017, SLØTFACE released their album ‘Try Not To Freak Out’, which includes the single Nancy Drew—a song about “a superhero who crushes the music industry’s boys club and the patriarchy with one punch“. The band collaborated with amazing artists Ola Lysgaard and Ida Neverdahl to bring the super cool feminist hero to life. The animated music video was like some sort of treasure box filled with all sorts of colors: from red, green, purple, pink, to blue. It features Nancy Drew dismantling the patriarchy by going on quests and fighting harassment and all sorts of toxicity the world of modern dating somehow brings.

2. Men I Trust – Show Me How

Director: Men I Trust

It’s finally time to flaunt Men I Trust‘s ironically dreamy depiction of loneliness. The video sees Emma walking about the city, and the daydreams the world links with new lovers and acquaintances.

3. (NSFW) Papa Roach – My Medication

Director: Bryson Roatch

Cover your young eyes or make sure your boss is not around, because Papa Roach‘s latest video contain lotsa nudity, bondage, and other stuff. Color grading’s pretty slinky though.

4. Soccer Mommy – Your Dog

Director and Animator: Weird Life Films

Soccer Mommys debut album Clean is finally out, and it’s as clean as it sounds. The partially odd unsettling music video for Your Dog, the first single off of the album, features a glassy-eyed Sophie Allison in a humorous horror flick depicting the woes of an ending relationship. It’s pretty bloody, and also a bit messy as she tries to get rid of her ex’s body.

5. Paramore – Rose-Colored Boy

Director: Warren Fu

Paramore‘s retro music video features all three of them playing news reporter roles that are always caught in a disagreement. It pretty much features the pressures of media.

6. MGMT – Me and Michael

Directors: Joey Frank, Randy Lee Maitland

Even the closest bonds can break, according to MGMT’s “Me and Michael”, which, by the way, is not an original tune. The song was heavily inspired by the ever-so iconic local band True Faith. But hold on to your weaves, because this is definitely not drama material. It’s actually a surprise collaboration between the two bands! Cool, huh? In the video, MGMT comes across a video of True Faith’s “Ako at si Michael” on YouTube. They then plagiarized the song and turned it into their “own”.  A listener finds out about the suspicious similarities and calls them out. Their fame came crashing down when they faced the charges and said “We didn’t know taking things fom the internet was wrong.” Ha! Sounds like something that would happen IRL.

7. Varsity – Must Be Nice

Animation: Shane Beam

Shane Beam’s animation definitely helped with depicting the mood of Varsity‘s ‘Must Be Nice‘.  “Beam totally honed in on the repetition, psychedelic imagery and playful tone of this tune“, Smith says. “The resulting video highlighted themes and images that we hadn’t noticed before,” she says, “plus it made us laugh, which is always good in the economy!”

8. Ocean Alley – Confidence

Director: Tyler Bell

It’s all fun and games until you realize how difficult roller skating is. Thanks for letting us know, Tyler Bell.

9. Portugal. The Man – Keep On

Director: Paulin Rogues

I don’t know about you, but this video is making me a wee bit uncomfortable…not in a bad way. The Rogues-directed clip features a weird latex-person-thing coupled with an absurd humor, just like all of his other films. See for yourself.

10. Superorganism – Reflections On The Screen

Director: Robert Strange

I know, we’re all so used to Superorgansim‘s slice of bright and upbeat sounds and internet-related chants, but in here we have a rare song that features the cons of being a constant resident of the interwebs. Also, they finally released their debut album last week! Check it out here.

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