Music videos are getting more and more extravagant, crazy, and minimalist over the years, embodying whatever it is that’s in the artist’s head. Last November, some of our favorite old bands (by old we mean emo-scene-kid-phase kind of old) arose back from the ~*dead*~ with some epic music videos and a huge take on creativity!

1. Paramore – Fake Happy

Director: Zac Farro

I don’t know what I like best about this MV: the fact that Paramore’s drummer Zac Farro directed it, or the fact that it was shot in New York.

In Paramore’s latest music video, everyone in The Big Apple is fake happy, with animated upside-down smiles drawn over their faces. Hayley Williams—who by the way, was sporting a sparkling, electrifying bodysuit—rummages through the hustling city in search of sincerity and actual happiness. Wow, that was deep.

2. Apartel – Guijo St. (Makes You Wonder)

Director: Audry Dionisio & Pat Sarabia

Apartel takes a trip down memory lane in the music video for the third single off their debut album “Inner Play.” The Dionisio & Sarabia-directed video has a bittersweet concept that sees the carefree past when Telebabads, old school board games, sleepover parties, and of course, going to senior prom with your crush were a huge highlight of the good ol’ high-school days.

3. Portugal. The Man – Live In The Moment

Director: Aaron Brown

Behold, a huge grotesque puppet kickflippin’ a Cadillac driven by the band. A chase through the sprawling parking lot then takes place after a hideous police puppet runs after the skateboarder with his segway. The camera work in this video is pretty bizarre, as it makes you believe that the members of Portugal. The Man are actually being thrown around inside the Cadillac.

4. Queens Of The Stone Age – The Way You Used To Do

Director: Jonas Åkerlund

This music video is pretty much just a dancey way to summon Satan. The Åkerland-directed music video features a devious Josh Homme awkwardly (but also kinda charmingly?) ruling the dance floor.

5. Thirty Seconds To Mars – Walk On Water

Director: Jared Leto

Walk On Water is Thirty Seconds to Mars’ first new song in four years! Its music video reveals the situation of the United States of America during the Fourth of July. Over 10,000 fan submissions were compiled and included in the documentary–and some of the footages were a mixture of political, beautiful, simple, and eye-opening scenarios.

6. Tennis – I Miss That Feeling

Director: Kelia & Luca

Alaina Moore of Tennis dreams that she is performing on a late-night television show in the 70’s in the bands video for “I Miss That Feeling.” The muted colors and retro aesthetics paired really well with the song, sending off the perfect dreamy vibe that’ll make you feel like you’ve been floating on cloud 9 all day long.

7. She’s Only Sixteen – Magic

Director: Jorel Lising

The S.O.S quartet finally unveils the music video for their second single ‘Magic‘ from their latest album ‘Whatever That Was.’ The song may be a crowd favorite, but here’s a warning: this video is hella emotional. It features a young couple experiencing the eventual ups-and-downs in a relationship. It’s story tellin’ time!

8. Alt-J – Pleader

Director: Isaiah Seret

Okay, I’m not sure if this is considered a music video or a Welsh film. Either way, I can’t stop loving Alt-J. The song is based on ‘How Green Was My Valley’, a book from the 1930s by Richard Llewelyn. “When we set out to make a video for Pleader, I sent the following one-line brief to director, Isiah Seret: ‘A Welsh mining love story; A tidal wave of earth.'” Joe Newman stated.

9. Asch – Mobius

Director: Kani Villaflor

Asch is back at it again with the music videos! The minimalist animation in the video for Mobius is actually really refreshing to watch.

10. Green Day – Back In The USA

Director: Brendan Walter & Greg Yagolnitzer

Most of these bands are startin’ to get really political up in here, and honestly, I’m not complaining. Green Day’s MV for ‘Back In The USA’ portrays the grim realities of the world.

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