Go grab a cuppa tea, coffee…or whatever liquid you have stocked up in your fridge because ’tis the season for new music videos, and we’re pretty stoked to show you guys this month’s set!

There are a million reasons why we think this month’s selection is pretty exciting; but we like to keep things short and simple. So ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between and beyond the gender spectrum, you be the judge.


Director: Nic Reyes

We’re starting off the list with a gift from the music gods! It’s hard to think of a reason not to love UDD, especially now that they’ve finally released a new music video after All The Good Things, which was as remarkable as all their creations combined. The MV for ‘Sigurado’—a single released by the band earlier this year—made its debut at the Venice Piazza on October 7.

The beautiful lady in the music video may seem familiar, and that’s because it’s Mizuki Shida from the Netflix Original Terrace House! The video includes scenearios of Shida making latte art in a coffee shop where she actually works in, bike rides around Tokyo, and Japan’s heartwarming sceneriesall accompanied by warm and dreamy tones.

2. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Holy Mountain

Director: David Holmes

Who is winning the beef between the Gallagher brothers? I don’t know. But what I do know is, I am definitely living for it. Oh yes, I’m living for the feud. These two hooligans dropped a new record on the same day and Noel took a step further by releasing a new music video for his single ‘Holy Mountain‘. “I knew instantly that it was going to be the first single,” Gallagher said in a press release. “Until the day I die, it will be one of my favourite pieces of music that I’ve ever written. My kids love it, my friends’ kids all love it and I am sure ‘the kids’ will love it.

The new record is titled after one of the most psychedelic films in history, The Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Though it sounds nothing like the movie, its music video did it justice. The video’s vintage, pop-art vibrations coupled well the young and colorful energy, fun transitions, and a hint of kaleidoscope madness.

3. Cheats – Beg

Director: Kyle Quismundo

The unbroken, one-shot video—directed by their very own guitarist, Kyle Quismundo—features the entire band going wild while jamming to their fifth new track ‘Beg’ in a studio. Also is it just me or is everyone rocking a denim jacket? Cheats, you’ve definitely left us begging for more.

I love Cheats, You love Cheats, Cheats love Cheats, we all love Cheats. To those who don’t, Ok ka lang? The band will be launching their sophomore album Before the Babies on December 8 in DULO, Poblacion. PLUS, They’re also part of this year’s Clockenflap lineup!

4. Phoenix – Ti Amo

Director: Wiissa

July’s Top of The Class Phoenix may be head over heels for Italy, but their motherland Paris is still number one.

In celebration of love, the electro-pop band finally launched the music video for ‘Ti Amo’, the title track of their sixth album released earlier this year. The MV is truly an a amalgamation of all things retro and vintage. It sees muted colors of the European paradise, beautiful Italian beaches, retro streets, and sensual snippets from La Dolce Vita; an iconic Italian film from the 1960s.

5. St. Vincent – Los Ageless

Director: Willo Perron

Annie Clark’s visual for ‘Los Ageless‘ is a grotesque, pastel-driven, parody of the lives of L.A socialites. The Willo Perron-directed video finds a gorgeous Annie Clark caught in a series of plastic surgery woes, elegant guitar fiddling, motionless, mannequin-like poses, and a pool of what seems to be green goop crawling up her legs as she sits there like the queen she is.

6. Michael Cera – Best I Can feat. Sharon Van Etten

Director: Dan Sickles and Antonio Santini (Dina Directors)

Michael Cera is as lovable in real life as he already appears to be in his coming-of-age movies that millennials have gone completely bonkers for. But sometimes people get really surprised whenever they find out that Cera is in fact, an occasional musician too! However,  his latest creation ‘Best I Can’ is entirely different, in comparison to his previous album True That, which is pretty much a paragon of sparse, lo-fi, and bedroom music.

Best I Can is a part of the upcoming documentary Dina. The song is accompanied by bright and lovely melodies, Roland Jupiter 4 synthesizers, and Sharon Van Etten’s sweet voice, along with a music video from the film’s directors Dan Sickles and Antonio Santini (best known for the documentary Mala Mala).

7. Beck – Colors

Director: ???

I think it’s finally proven. 2017 IS the year of slime ASMR Instagram videos, and Beck loves pairing with viral trends when it comes to music videos.

Beck’s slime visualizer MV for his single ‘Colors’ is pretty much self-explanatory. It features anonymous people poking, clawing, squishing and plunging different colored slimes with and without foam beads. That’s it. That’s all you need to know.

8. MGMT – Little Dark Age

Director: Nathaniel Axel and David MacNutt

MGMT’s music video for ‘Little Dark Age’—the title track from their forthcoming fourth album—is strikingly sinister. The song boasts a mid-tempo groove with wonderful touches of psychedelic synths that go well with VanWyngarden’s lyrics. The visual finds VanWyngarden and co. appear in some sort of crazy gothic textures; helpless fruits being violently chopped by huge axes, misty forests, smoke seeping behind a scary mask, and women in a state of immense shock. The whole MV is pretty much Edward Scissorhands gone wrong, and I’m actually really into the somberness of it.

9. Japanese Breakfast – The Body Is A Blade

Director: Michelle Zauner

This charming music video features the band’s headmaster , Michelle Zauner, literally taking a trip down memory lane. Old photographs of Zauner as a toddler and her lovely late mother were shown in between scenes, accompanied by warm and dreamy tones. “I’ve always loved the way old photographs look. For this video I spent a lot of time searching family albums for sets of old photographs to animate,” said she. As seen in the video, the multi-talented artist recreated moments in the same place where she grew up.

Today (October 18) marks the day my mom has been gone for three years. Since then everything I have created has been made in her memory, every success feels a part of her doing.

Body is a Blade is a song about letting your body take over when mentally you can longer be present. It’s about packing up your childhood home, seeing its shell staged by real estate brokers for strangers to buy without knowing that room is the one she died in, giving away her old clothes. It’s a mantra to not let the pain you endure transform you into an unkind person. It’s a reminder that the world did not target you personally, that people survive tragedies everyday.”

10. Rex Orange County – Loving is Easy (feat. Benny Sings)

Director: Chris Ullens

The claymation video is shot and rendered in a cozy, retro living room with adorable miniature versions of Alex and Benny. The song bumps along with refreshing melodies. “My animation brain loved all the patterns and weird objects from Alex’s reference and straightaway I imagined a room where things would start moving,” the director, Chris Ullens told ItsNiceThat. “The track itself gave me that ‘floating on air’ feeling with it being so dreamy, so that’s where the idea came from of a performance that starts in a more realistic way and as the music plays evolves into this animated version of itself.

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