To keep fans hooked and fixated, artists showcase their music with a more visualized version of their thoughts. That being said, we’ve handpicked only the freshest music videos released from June to August for your eyes (and ears) to devour! Bands such as The Kooks, Peach Pit, Foo Fighters, The Shins, and a whole bunch of other talented acts exclusively dropped the most creative, experimental and fun music videos (so far) this year.

1. Cheats – False Alarm

Director: Kyle Quismundo

The Cheats are on a roll with their new music videos; they’re entertaining, they’re quirky, they’re fun to watch, and this time they prove that they can get even more creative. The band released yet another music video for their latest single ‘False Alarm’ on August 14, a Monday. Emphasis on ‘Monday’ as this MV is the real MVP when it comes to relieving stress on a manic weekday.

Aside from their amazing music, the star of the whole video is hot pink kinetic sand trickling through the hands of director and guitarist Kyle Quismundo shot in reverse, leaving us with that whole ASMR experience we always find ourselves living for on YouTube.

2. The Shins – Half A Million

Director: LAMAR+NIK (Jesse Lamar High and Nik Harper)

‘Half A Million’ is a song off of The Shins’ fifth studio album Heartworms released in March. Its music video consists of 4,868 frames, 5,566 HANDMADE stickers, over 40 locations, and a goddamn awesome band from Albuquerque. LAMAR+NIK filmed the band against a white background, printed out more than four thousand frames and stuck them down on top of each other to emulate that stop motion feel with a twist.

3. The Kooks – Broken Vow

Director: Self-directed

The Brighton-based quartet were filmed playing on gigantic colorful blocks of ice in their emotional video for ‘Broken Vow’, taken from their compilation album ‘The Best Of…So Far’. It just makes us want to chisel our hearts onto those ice cubes and hope that The Kooks stay this way forever.

4. Gorillaz – Strobelite

Director: Raoul Skinbeck

Nearly a decade after Gorillaz released ‘The Fall’, the atomic virtual band dropped a fresh record entitled ‘Humanz‘ to compensate for their absence in the world of tunes. To make their comeback even more iconic, Jamie Hewitt’s art came to life with a neon-induced, dance-able video featuring Peven Everett, 2D, Noodle, and a sneaky Murdoc Niccals.

5. Peach Pit – Seventeen

Director: Lester Lyons-Hookham

The charming bubblegum rock band Peach Pit‘s music video for ‘Seventeen’ features an awkward Neil Smith dancing about freely on his Walkman. The clip is pretty easy to watch, plus the song just brings back so much memories we didn’t know we had.

6. Glass Animals – Agnes

Director: Eoin Glaister

Oxford-based indie band Glass Animals finally released a music video for ‘Agnes’, a song from their album How To Be A Human Being that was released waaaaay back in 2016. The video gives prominence to the frontman Dave Bayley doing his thing in front of a photobooth-esque backdrop.

7. The All-American Rejects – Sweat

Director: Jamie Thraves

The All-American Rejects have returned from god knows where with two new singles ‘Sweat’ and ‘Close Your Eyes’ alongside a long-ass music video starring the vocalist himself—Tyson Ritter. The frontman plays a character living the double life, showing the dualism of depravity vs. normality. Watch the video and see for yourself. It’s awesome, and we’re glad they’re back.

8. The Killers – The Man

Director: Tim Mattia

Brandon Flowers is sounding better than ever, and we’re loving the attitude in ‘The Man’; the first off of The Killers’ forthcoming studio record Wonderful Wonderful. Behind the funky, bass-driven track is a 36-year old Brandon Flowers talking to a younger, cockier version of himself; it’s a parody of his insecurities when he first started with the Killers.

9. The Regrettes – Seashore

Director: Claire Marie Vogel

Director Claire Marie Yogel has teamed up with teen punk band The Regrettes to create a time-traveling, anything-but-subtle music video for ‘Seashore’. Fronted by 16-year old Lydia Night (who is by the way WOKE AF at such a young age) portrays an abundant amount of oppressed women who may or may not have made it to our history books. Kick back, relax, watch the video, and don’t dare underestimate women, young and old!

10. Foo Fighters – Run

Director: David Grohl

The Foo Fighters in a retirement home? Nah man, too soon. But if you ever do find yourself wondering how they’d be like once they get super duper old, turn up the volume and take a look at their wild new video directed by the ever so glorious man himself, David Grohl for ‘Run’, a surprise release since they went on hiatus back in 2014.

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