Photo by Kim Borro

Thunder came like the prelude to a great song, heedless rumbling filling the air every bit as much as the sudden rain. At first it was a crack, violent to the ears, but after came a rolling sound that dissipated into the city. It was a real downpour on a pay day evening. For half an hour it was coming down in buckets and everything started to look like a scene from an apocalyptic movie. Umbrellas were out, creating a picturesque representation of a garden. The traffic was hella insane and people were pretty much stranded in the rain. No thunderstorm is gonna get to us though, ONE SOUND MUST GO ON (and it did!).

History was made last Friday when One Sound took over Eastwood Central Plaza as 5 of the biggest stations (Wave 89.1, Play 99.5, Klite 103.5, Magic 89.9 and Jam 88.3) decided to work collectively for the first time EVER! The concert for unity featured artists like Hale, Jay-R, Spongecola, Ang Bandang Shirley, Quest, Bullet Dumas AND MORE! They set the stage on fire with their daunting music and y’all loved it!

The alcohol, talent and fun-induced night was breathtaking, and we wouldn’t have done it without you folks. It warmed our hearts and gave us goosebumps to see all of you dancing, pumping your fists, and singing along with your favorite bands and artists despite the sudden rain shower.

We are one voice, one network, one sound!

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