Lightning strikes twice for Ely Buendia and the Itchyworms! On the heels of Pariwara , their first-ever collaboration, comes Lutang . The song debuted on April 22, 2017 at the first ever celebration of Record Store Day in the Philippines. As with Pariwara , Ely Buendia (Apartel, Pupil) shares songwriting duties with Jugs Jugueta, Jazz Nicolas and Chino Singson of the Itchyworms.

Unbeknownst to the Itchyworms, Buendia had been working on a completely new song as a follow-up to Pariwara . Itchyworms lead vocalist Jugs Jugueta received the demo of Lutang from Ely. “[ Lutang sounded] much happier than Pariwara ,” Jugs says, recalling the first time he heard the demo. He goes on to describe the experience of writing the song’s second verse, “It was cool for us to write the sad part of the protagonist’s story. The Itchyworms have always written sad lyrics over happy melodies, and Lutang fits right in that category.”

Itchyworms drummer Jazz Nicolas adds, “I fell in love with Lutang right away. Even if I hadn’t read or understood the lyrics yet, I already felt that this would be a good song [on which] to collaborate. The lyrics were playful, and we enjoyed adding our own lyrics to them. It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of in a collaboration song with Ely.”

The Itchyworms made short work of expanding Buendia’s demo, guitarist Chino Singson narrates. “There was just a verse and chorus, and in almost no time Jugs and Jazz had come up with a second verse and a bridge, with which I helped. Once we were confident with the result, we recorded the rough arrangement on Jugs’ phone with just vocals and acoustic guitars and sent it back to Ely.”

Buendia approved the demo so they booked Big Baby studios forthwith, in order to rehearse and record the song. When asked about working with the Itchyworms on a second song and the final result, he replied, “My reaction was the usual, which is ‘this band really knows their sh**!’” Ely continues, “Any time we lay a song down, everything is where it should be, no part [is] underplayed or overplayed. It’s a great feeling of peace and contentment.”

Listen to Lutang performed live at Record Store Day 2017 below:

In an interview with Australian news company MusicFeeds, bassist Mike Drint, revealed that Green Day has “a ton of Machiavellian catalogue of shit lying around.” Looking back to their songs from 10 to 20 years ago, he said that there is so much stuff that fans haven’t heard yet. Some eventually morphed into new songs over the years that came, while some other good songs just didn’t make it in the records; but he believes it will all come out at some point:

“I don’t know when they’ll see the light of day, but me and [frontman] Billie always said ‘at some point everything comes out in the wash…. We’re not in any hurry to do that because this band has never really been in the business of looking backwards,” he chuckles. “Maybe someday when we’re older, then we’ll look back. At this point, I have stopped and smelled the roses finally, I think. And it’s nice to look back and go ‘Wow, we really have accomplished a lot of stuff!’ But I don’t think we’ll be exhuming any old demo tapes at this point right now [laughs].”

Foo Fighters is now added to the line-up of Summer Sonic 2017! The festival will happen on August 19 (Saturday) and August 20 (Sunday) in Tokyo and Osaka.



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