Ovation Productions presents Liam Gallagher of Oasis live in Manila on August 14, 2017 at the Mall Of Asia Arena. Liam was voted the greatest frontman of all time in a 2010 reader poll by Q magazine.
Many bands and artists have cited Oasis as an influence or inspiration, including the Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Maroon 5, and Coldplay, among others.
Oasis is a five-piece band from Manchester, England led by Liam and Noel Gallagher, two brothers from public housing, who became the defining musical act for a generation. Noel’s proudly British lyrics; choruses that could make your throat clench and your heart threaten to burst; Liam’s sneering vocals and pissed-off posture; the cocktail of ego, camaraderie, and one-upmanship that made Oasis as entertaining and volatile offstage as on.

The band’s third album, “Be Here Now” in 1997 set a new record as the fastest selling album in UK Chart history. “What’s the Story Morning Glory” was even more successful, becoming the third-best selling album in British history.

Liam Gallagher was praised for his vocal contributions to Oasis, and his presence made the band a popular live act. However, his attitude also won him much attention from the British press who often ran stories concerning his alleged behaviour. Liam’s erratic behaviour, distinctive singing style, and abrasive attitude have been the subject of commentary in the press; he remains one of the most recognisable figures in modern British music.
Liam Gallagher’s voice has been compared to John Lennon’s. He would sarcastically claim to be Lennon re-incarnated, despite being born eight years prior to Lennon’s death. He has stated he has no clear influence other than John Lennon and “music” itself, and has been known to incorporate many different forms, such as punk, indie and new wave, and recently has explored elements of jazz with Beady Eye, his band after Oasis broke up.

Songs such as “Live Forever”, “Lyla”, “Don’t Go Away”, “Slide Away” and “Champagne Supernova are cited as examples of Liam’s best work. He would sing with the microphone coming in the closest contact with him between his upper lip and nose, rather than directly in front of the mouth as is the case with most singers. Gallagher once revealed that the reason he sings with his arms behind his back is because it allows him to project more power through his voice.
Liam Gallagher performs at the MOA Arena on August 14 produced by Ovation Productions. Tickets on sale starting February 18, 2017 through and regular SM Tickets outlets at P8700, 7700, 5700, 4700, 3700, 1700.

1 Darling
In Mind
Real Estate 2 3
2 Sala Sa Init
Inner Play
Apartel 1 5
3 Walust
Roach Motel
Flying Ipis 7 2
4 Secrets
Barbie Almalbis 6 3
5 High Attractions
White Out Conditions
The New Pornographers 8 2
6 I Got Your Message
So Many Hoops, So Little Time
Hideout 10 2
7 Hey K
Tremendous Sea of Love
Passoin Pit NEW ENTRY
8 St. Petersburg
Arigato, Internet!
Reese Lansangan NEW ENTRY
Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2
Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2 NEW ENTRY
10 Boys in the Backroom
The Camerawalls NEW ENTRY

Incubus premiered the lyric video for its newly-released track “Nimble Bastard” on Billboard, and it’s literally fire.

While lyrics like “Has it come to this?/ We’re stuck in the weeds/ I get it, I’m not perfect/ I was never trying to be” move across the screen, a film reel slides through images of different scenes from skate parks, a studio session and even a pretty damn adorable dog. Eventually, the film begins to burn until a brick wall in the frame is all that’s left.

Speaking on the track, the band tells Billboard, “’Nimble Bastard’ was born of my fascination and loving envy for a couple of people in my life who have this kind of amazing adaptability. If they’re at their lowest point, they just bounce back and learn these incredible lessons from being knocked down.”Incubus is on track to release their eighth studio album 8 on April 21 and will also embark on a North American headlining tour, their first since 2015, with special guest Jimmy Eat World beginning in July.

Check out tour dates and watch the “Nimble Bastard” lyric video below.

Incubus 8 Tour w/ special guest Jimmy Eat World

July 6 — West Palm Beach, FL
July 7 — Tampa, FL
July 8 — Atlanta, GA
July 11 — Charlotte, NC
July 12 — Bristow, VA
July 14 — Holmdel, NJ
July 15 — Syracuse, NY
July 16 — Bethel, NY
July 18 — Mansfield, MA
July 19 — Wantagh, NY
July 20 — Camden, NJ
July 22 — Toronto, ON
July 23 — Clarkston, MI
July 25 — Cleveland, OH
July 26 — Burgettstown, PA
July 27 — Cincinnati, OH
July 29 — Tinley Park, IL
July 30 — Noblesville, IN
Aug. 1 — St. Louis, MO
Aug. 2 — New Orleans, LA
Aug. 4 — Houston, TX
Aug. 5 — Austin, TX
Aug. 6 — Dallas, TX
Aug. 9 — Salt Lake City, UT
Aug. 11 — Chula Vista, CA
Aug. 12 — Phoenix, AZ
Aug. 14 — Los Angeles, CA
Aug. 16 — Mt. View, CA
Aug. 18 — Portland, OR
Aug. 19 — Seattle, WA
Oct. 3 — Denver, CO

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