Well, this explains why we should watch his live streams more often.

Panic! At The Disco‘s beloved Brendon Urie just revealed a new secret: they’re finalizing some bits of the band’s sixth album, a.k.a everything’s recorded and they’ve reached the final stages of mixing…which means it’s DEFINITELY almost done!

Since we all know Brendon has a thing for live streaming (and smokin’ the good shit), he gave his fans a new treat! He played only about three seconds of a new song, featuring himself hitting the juicy notes. What a rebel, this guy. During the live stream, Urie was asked what his favorite song was, he said it was “hard to choose”, but “you guys haven’t heard it yet.” Yep. A new album is coming for sure.

However, there are still no official announcements regarding P!ATD’s upcoming album so far. Let’s just hope it’s going to be spicy.

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