A petting zoo, pyrotechnics, Tony Palermo duct taped to the wall, Jacoby Shaddix in a straightjacket, and other action-packed nonsense—what more could we ask for?

Papa Roach have released an insanely action-packed new video for “Traumatic,” a song from their ninth studio album, Crooked Teeth.

The video follows the band caught up in a shindig that somehow involves fire breathers, a dim-lit room, colorful balloons, duct tape, hanging upside down above a stage, straightjackets, and of course, a talking buffalo. Everything about the MV is wild and it’s exactly how a nu-metal band’s music videos should be; it’s full of energy and adrenaline, it’ll leave you lightheaded.

The band will be on tour in 2018! You may check out the complete list of dates here.

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