Here’s what you missed at Sandwich’s 20th anniversary concert last Friday.

Photo: Stephen Lavoie

I must admit, I’m still a little bit hungover from Friday’s huge shindig, and I’m definitely super proud of Sandwich for reaching yet another milestone in their career as badass musicians!

That being said, a lot of you guys weren’t able to make it to the concert probably due to—i dunno—exams? Work? Boring stuff that you should’ve just neglected? You had your reasons, but boy, you missed out. Immensely.

The venue gradually got fuller and fuller each passing second & the crowd multiplied like tiny little mosquitoes above your head—it was hella packed.

To warm up the crowd and keep the mood light and chill, youngsleepyboi played a bit of underrated beats, future funk, and all sorts of songs you can possibly imagine. He’s got a pretty good ear. The acts that opened for Sandwich were She’s Only Sixteen, Autotelic, Ciudad, Diego Mapa, and Tom’s Story!

Enough with the jibber jabber. Let these photos taken by iRocktography’s Stephen Lavoie do the rest!

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