Adults Only

Adults Only

Adults Only

  • Hosted by:Joey Dizon & Benni Obaña,
  • Schedule:Sat. 10 AM - 1 PM 
  • Facebook: @AdultsOnlyRadio
It's that one-of- a-kind radio show where we could care less about trends, or what’s considered “young” and “hip.” Though we’re not that old to be called “classic,” or “vintage,” we definitely aren’t pretending that we’re riding the wave of the times. We miss songs from two, even THREE decades ago, and we’re just too stubborn enough to admit it.

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If you’re looking for the best in glam rock and hair metal power ballads, airplay-oriented rock (or AOR…), or even great-yet- sadly-forgotten pop tunes from the 80s and early 90s, well then we’ve got your fix covered! Every Saturday, 10am – 1pm (perfect timing when you’re stuck in traffic, running errands or headed to your weekend spot, we’ll be playing anything and everything the other shows and stations aren’t!)
So if you’re not old enough to buy beer or drive, then skip it. This is a show for the big boys and girls.


Joey Dizon, former Editor-In- Chief of PULP Magazine (where he worked for almost a decade and a half…) was also formerly content director for online music portal He has spent most of his life writing and critique-ing musicians, bands and local and international albums, and has played guitar for local bands Skychurch, Intolerant, Moyg and still plays the occasional covers-nights and rockeoke-jams to this day. He also hosted a radio show on NU 107 previously.


Benni Obaña currently plays drums for classic rock outfit Tempestuous Jones, but has honed his chops playing with the best of the best, including local legends Wally Gonzales, Cowboy Santos, and other well-reputed groups like Overdrive. He also cut his teeth as a radio personality years ago, and from time-to- time hosts events around the metro.